Landlords FAQ's

If you are considering Letting your property below is a list of responses to the frequently asked questions when Letting your property with Alexander Knight:

What are your fees for letting a property?

We have a variety of competitive service level fees, please contact us for further information.

When will I receive my rent and will I get a statement?

Your rent should be paid to your account within 48 hours of receipt. A statement will automatically be sent to your email account on the first working day of each month. At no extra cost to you.

Will you deal with the deposit dispute if there is one?

Yes, we will help you propose deductions on our managed service and file the dispute for you.

Can you check my property throughout the tenancy?

Yes, if instructed to do so we can arrange an inspection.  Please note that there may be a fee for this which you will be notified of at the start of your agreement with us.

How much is the tenant’s deposit?

A deposit of Six weeks is required from all tenants. 

What I do with regards to utilities?

We would ask that you contact all the utility companies you are involved with  informing them that you will no longer occupy the premises, however do not have anything disconnected. Your new tenants are responsible for setting up the bills when they take possession.

Should I have an inventory carried out on my property?

We would advise that an inventory is carried out on your property before it becomes occupied by tenants.  This will allow you to monitor the  condition of furniture fixtures and fittings.

Who pays for the checkout?

Before occupying a property we receive a checkout Fee from the tenants.
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